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Engagement, bridal and wedding photography:

Engagement photography is a low-pressure chance for the couple and wedding photographer to have fun, experiment and get to know each other. Your engagement photos should reflect your personality, playful and relaxed or serious and sensual. We will take a variety of poses at the selected location. If you have a special request, just let me know.

For bridal photography, this is a chance for you to capture timeless shots of you in the dress that you have searched so hard for ! Traditional portraits will be taken to please Mom... but we also do non-tradition shots to capture your personality. Don’t miss out on your bridal session. The wedding day is a busy time... and not ideal for capturing your "bridal portrait". I do ask that the bride bring at least 2 helpers for the session. Bring walking shoes, as well as your wedding day heels. If you are not wearing heels for the wedding... bring some anyway.. they look great in pictures! There is a trend now to wear shoes with personality... so use your shoes to bring in a touch of color!

I love weddings. They are happy events that bring out the best emotions. You, your family and friends

are my art. Sepia, black and white and touch of color will be added to your final images. Your wedding

photography will outlast your memories. It is my privilege to be selected for your wedding photographer.

Wedding FAQs

How should I choose my wedding photographer?

-This is a special day. You only get one opportunity for great pictures. I believe you should choose a photographer you instantly get along with. You will work very closely with your photographer. For best results you should feel like you can

easily work with them. Concentrating only on price will only get you a cheap photographer. You should have a positive emotional response to the person and their work. Your photographer will capture a lifetime of memories. “Feel” good

about your selection.

What is your style? Will I get both formal group pictures and candid moments?

-Everyone should have the formal poses. Weddings are often the rare time when family is gathered in one place.

However, I urge you to do as many of these as possible before your ceremony. Even if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, we can shoot the groom and groomsmen first and then do the bride’s side. Immediately

after the ceremony we will gather everyone together for the full wedding party pictures, and family shots.

Why are photographers so darn expensive?

-This is an important question. You are not just paying for a picture. You are buying a service that includes the

equipment, expertise, and experience. Don’t think about these important qualities after your wedding! You will be very disappointed. Taking pictures is just one part of the whole process. I spend twice as much time after the wedding working on your pictures as I do physically on your special day. Significant work goes into editing your pictures long after your session is completed.

What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

I pay attetion to details. I view every session as a chance to create timeless art...I do not consider this a job, I consider it my passion... and I feel extremely blessed every day I can say I am a photographer. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between me and the other photographers out there is the fact that I give you ALL images shot. I will edit my favorites.. but just because they are my favorite doesn't mean that they will be your favorite. That is why I share all the original images with you.. to give your the opportunity to look through them and pick YOUR favorites.. and then I will edit those for you as well. I feel it is a waste of my time and your's to just pick 40 pictures from your session and give you only that. I think that everyone now days know that the finished prodcuts you see on websites and printed are all edited to some degree. I am not afraid for you to see my images in original form.

How far in advance should you book your wedding photographer?

-The answer is simple “as soon as possible”. Dates fill up very quickly. Spring and Fall are the busiest times of the of the year. I have bookings up to 12 months out. The first step is to call or e-mail about availability for your date.

Should I prepare a list of photographs that I want taken?

-It is always good to think about what important pictures you want. The single most important thing you can do is have someone coordinate getting and keeping everyone gathered. I don’t know who Great Aunt Sally is. It is critical that someone that does insures she is there!

What is your rate for wedding photography?

-Each package has various prices and options. However, I will work

with you to build your own custom package and will provide any quote for special requests to meet your desired level of service.

Do you have a contract?

-I have an agreement document that we would like for you to read carefully and sign. The agreement makes sure

that we are all taking the same language and have the same expectations.

Where are you located and do you charge for travel?

-I am located in Archdale, NC. I will travel anywhere in a 50 mile radius of Archdale. Anything above that is subject to a travel fee of $1.50 per mile.

What type of equipment do you use?

-I use a Nikon D300s and Nikon D90. I come prepared with extra flashes, battery packs and extra lenses.

Do you offer albums?

-Yes, I can show you samples of my leather bound composite albums. They are the perfect way to show off the story of your day!

Do you keep our pictures forever and can we order prints?

-Yes I will keep your images. You may order prints and reprints at any time after the wedding. Please note prices of prints are subject to change at anytime. If you desire canvas or larger sizes, just let us know and we will send you a quote.

How do I book you?

-After you meet with me and have decided that I am the right photographer for you. I will ask for a $500 deposit to hold your date and lock in your package price from future price increases. The balance of your package is due 2 weeks before your wedding. If you want to divide payments up monthly that is fine, or your can pay it all at once.

How much is extra time if I need it?

- $150 per hour for any time over what is included in the package you select.

Wedding Day Photography Tips:

* Direct sunlight is horrible for photography. It makes harsh shadows on faces, not to mention the watery and squinty eyes. Look for places at your venue that offer plenty of shade. A covered pavilion, shade trees or grass that gets

shade from the surrounding structures are good options. Dusk is a great time for photographs. You won’t regret

taking 15 or 20 minutes out of your reception for some additional pictures.

* Who is your point person? Make a list of your desired shots. But don’t give it to me! I don’t know the names of your family and friends. Give it to someone that can help you gather groups that will easily transition from one to the

next. If you want to minimize your time between the ceremony and the reception then this will be a big time saver! Don’t print a long list off the internet. Sit down and make a short list of groupings that you don’t want to miss.

* To see each other before the ceremony or not? It is traditional to not see each other and many brides want that “moment” when the groom first sees her walking down the isle. If you desire the traditional, work as many formal

shots in before the ceremony as possible. I can take pictures of families, groom with groomsmen and bride with

her wedding party before the ceremony and still make sure you don’t see each other. However, there is a popular trend to set up private meetings with the bride and groom before the ceremony. The moments are very special

and private and allow the couples to talk and comfort each other in an otherwise hectic day. Remember

45 minutes of photography goes by very quickly between the ceremony for you and your family, but not for your

guests waiting for you to arrive.

* Tell your family and bridal party not to run off between the ceremony and reception. Remember your guests are waiting on you and the longer it takes to round everyone up, the longer it will take to get your pictures taken.

* I welcome family and friends with cameras, but competing flashes and eyes looking at multiple cameras will not

give you the outcome you want. Ask your family with cameras to wait until your paid photographer is done with

the shot.

* Stay hydrated throughout your day. Don’t over book your day. This day should be fun, not stressful. Forget about

the camera and have fun. I will take care of the rest.