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"With Ashley, a photo session is more like painting a picture. Ashley pulls you into her art until you completely forget that you're having your picture taken! Each photograph evokes an emotion and tells you about the person being photographed. I love it! "~ Jo Anne Ledford ~

"Ashley Stone Photography...the best in the world! What can I say, she is my new best friend! She has just what you are looking for in a picture. Style, class, and originality. Who else can give you all of that? From experice I know she loves what she does and will treat YOUR family portraits, bridal portraits or wedding day pictures just as if they were her own. Her work has NO limits, she's not afraid to try anything! She's personal thats what makes her unique. "~ Andrea Mills ~

"We had a wonderful experience with Ashley during our engagement shoot! We had the unique experience of being able to shoot in Charleston, SC which provided us with beautiful scenery. Ashley's photography and professionalism is hands down the best in the business. We recommend her for anyone!"~ Kyle and Harmony Stone ~